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How Transcription and Subtitling Can Boost Your Vlogging Business

With the rise of apps and social media platforms, it becomes easier to communicate and share information with practically anyone who has an internet connection. Along with these came the emergence of vlogging.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the portmanteau of the words ‘video’ and ‘blogging.’ Vlogging is a form of media and entertainment where people post videos on the internet about their lives for their family, friends, and followers. The platform of choice for vlogging is YouTube, but TikTok and Facebook are also extremely popular social media platforms.

People who create content for their vlogs are called vloggers or YouTubers. Vloggers are people who post their personal lives on the internet for anyone to watch.

Even though we are inundated with vloggers who focus on their lifestyle and life stories, vlogging is not limited to just lifestyle vloggers. When talking about vloggers, it is important to understand that the term "vlogger" applies to a wide range of people.

The term vlogger can refer to anyone, from a person who shares their thoughts and opinions on the topic of their choice to someone documenting their daily life with an online diary to businesses using vlogging as a marketing tool to promote their products.

Vlogging is a form of social media that has been around since the early 2000s. Back then there were only a handful of vloggers. They do not have many followers, to begin with. But vlogging proved to be an excellent way to maintain a personal connection with your audience.

Vlogging as a Business

The popularity of vlogging has grown exponentially over the past few years due to its ease of use for both uploaders and viewers. It has become a business for many people who want to earn a passive income online.

It’s now used not just for entertainment, but also for education, selling, and marketing. For many vloggers, it has become a big business.

Vlogging is undoubtedly a lucrative online business. It’s no longer a one-man job because vlogging requires conceptualizing, shooting, editing, and promoting to various social media sites.

Earnings from YouTube vlogging is highly dependent on the number of views because of ads. Now, the goal of vloggers is to get in the good graces of the YouTube algorithm so that the videos can be recommended to a wide range of audiences.

How to Reach More YouTube Viewers?

YouTube has taken the Internet by storm, becoming one of the most popular sites for people to share videos. With over a billion users who watch billions of hours of content per day, it's not an exaggeration to say that YouTube defines online video media.

Transcription is a tool that can help with the marketing of YouTube videos and boost viewership. This makes videos more accessible to viewers, especially those who are hard of hearing.

With YouTube's accessibility settings, users are able to upload a video for transcription and have it automatically transcribed.

One way to get your video seen is through transcription services. Online transcriptions will provide viewers with a text version of your video which can be included on your website, blog, or social media.

More importantly, you can create subtitles and captions for your vlog. This is particularly useful for the hard of hearing and viewers who want English subtitles for foreign vlogs or foreign subtitles for English vlogs.

Some vloggers might not speak English as their first language, which can make it difficult to understand what they are saying in the video. Many viewers find it frustrating when they don’t know what is being said in the video because it makes it difficult to understand what is going on. So they rely on subtitling and closed captioning to comprehend what’s being said in their own language.

In some niche vlogs, some discussions may include terms, terminologies, and jargons that are not familiar to viewers. With subtitles, they can easily follow the discussion and would have an idea about the terms used. This is particularly useful in vlogs that discuss business, medical, and technical topics.

Transcription Service for Vloggers and YouTubers

But there is one major flaw in this system: On average, a vlogger will vlog for more than 20 hours a week, potentially leaving them with less time for work or family.

As a vlogger, you just don’t have the time to transcribe and translate your video content and do subtitles. This is where transcription services for vloggers and Youtubers come in handy.

Transcription, subtitling, and captioning services offer a new way for vloggers and video producers to share their content to a wider audience and be more inclusive.

At Umritun, we take care of transcription and subtitling work, so that you can focus on content creation and vlogging. You’ll also have more time to spend with your family. Contact us if you want us to help you make this happen.


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