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Happy New Year from Umritun!

The past year brought countless challenges to businesses—big or small. Millions of people were unable to work because the companies they worked for closed down or lost business because of the pandemic.

We all struggled to find our bearings as we learn to co-exist with a virus that just wouldn’t leave. We learned to live in the new normal. And despite all the struggles and fears, we’re still standing.

Looking Back at 2021

Although our 2021 was not exactly smooth-sailing, we were able to navigate through the tumultuous year and emerged as a better team.

1. In our own little way—and with the help of our clients—we were able to provide jobs to transcribers and freelancers. It felt great to be part of the solution and we wanted to keep that going. That’s why we’re working hard to make new partnerships, so we can offer more work to those who are struggling in this uncertain time.

2. Our partnership with our existing clients has deepened. We were entrusted with several projects covering general and medical transcription as well as data annotation projects.

3. The team completed more than 5000 hours of transcription and review work covering files from the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, and India. We expect to expand our coverage to include non-English audio files in the coming months.

4. We focused on hiring and training new members to strengthen our team. We expect to hire more as we expand our services to other markets.

5. We also welcomed new members of the management team. With their expertise and experience, we were able to create a blueprint for success that will help us navigate 2022.

6. We held our first virtual year-end party on Zoom. It was a fun-filled event that had members showing off their hidden TikTok talents. It was also an opportunity to recognize members who went above and beyond the call of duty. We highly appreciate their contribution to the overall success of Umritun.

7. Perhaps the most meaningful and profound activity we did in 2021 is sharing our blessings. We have distributed Christmas care packages to different local communities in three major cities in Metro Manila. It’s our little way of giving back to the communities that we consider our home.

Umritun’s 2022 Outlook

This 2022, we should all start fresh. For many, this means getting rid of old clutter from the past year and making room for new opportunities in the upcoming months. Now is a great time for you to pursue your dreams by setting goals and taking important steps towards reaching them.

With the passage of time, our goals can change and evolve with us. The new year is a perfect time to take stock of what we want in life and how to get there.

We have a clear blueprint for 2022 and we’re excited to share it with you.

1. We’ll continue to expand our service offerings. Aside from transcription and subtitling services, we are now ready to take subtitling translation projects with a focus on streaming services.

2. Umritun Training Academy is in the pipeline. Through this online learning hub, we’ll be offering various courses with a comprehensive training program. Our first transcription mini-course is slated for launch in the second half of 2022.

3. We will continue hiring and training members and preparing them for the projects that we’ll embark on this 2022. Once our training academy is established, we’ll prioritize hiring people who have completed our training courses.

4. We’ll be relaunching our social media sites because we want to reach more people who need our services as well as those who want to become part of the Umritun community of transcribers and freelancers.

Despite the enormous challenges ahead, we continue to have a positive outlook. We recognize that there will be struggles along the way. But our faith in our capability is bigger than our fears.

We will keep going.

And to start 2022 right, we are offering a 5% discount on new project requests and orders from new clients for the entire month of January. This offer applies to GENERAL and BUSINESS TRANSCRIPTIONS ONLY. Order Now!

Happy New Year!


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