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5 Reasons Why You Should Use TikTok for Your Business

The power of TikTok to influence cannot be denied. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a social media powerhouse that every business must take seriously as a marketing tool to promote products and services.

As the most engaging social media app, TikTok’s ability to reach a massive audience brings with it tons of opportunities to build a social media presence.

From a business standpoint, this could mean access to a larger audience reach, including untapped segments and demographics. This article will discuss the benefits of using TikTok to market your business and why you should use it in your marketing strategy.

What is TikTok for Business?

TikTok is typically perceived as the app that lets you create short videos with fun filters and special effects. It became the social media platform for young people.

Active users post short videos of themselves, their friends, and other things they find interesting as a way to express themselves. Essentially, it’s used largely for entertainment. But all that has changed.

TikTok is now being used by businesses to advertise their products and promote their company to a global audience. If you’re a company—big or small—you can benefit from using TikTok.

Benefits of Using TikTok for Business

1. Reach a Bigger Audience Faster with TikTok for Business.

We already mentioned that TikTok has a billion monthly active users. To put things in perspective, there are 4.8 billion internet users in the world. This translates to almost 21% market penetration. When you have this many people using the app, you have a ready audience waiting to consume your TikTok videos. And with the viral nature of the app, it’s easy to penetrate into different markets faster—something that traditional media is unable to do/

2. Get Fast Results from Your TikTok Marketing Campaign.

If you use TikTok in creative ways, you will be able to have instant, fast results because videos are shared so quickly. Since TikTok videos are usually short, they are perfect for capturing attention and providing the user with information about your company in a short amount of time.

When your TikTok content goes viral, it can even cross social media barriers. You can quickly see the results in your analytics through the number of followers, reach, shares, and other important analytics.

3. Access to a Diverse Group of Influencers

Using TikTok for business gives you access to a multitude of influencers who can help you promote your brand. Influencer marketing is a popular way to market a product or service in which you partner with an influencer to create content promoting your product.

An influencer may be a person with a large social media following or someone who is considered in the know when it comes to a particular topic.

Influencers are individuals with networks that are strong enough to attract large amounts of followers or subscribers on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and now, TikTok.

4. Provides a space to get creative with repurposed content

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to read long-form content. Some people just want morsels of content that they consume quickly without disrupting their work.

Typically, TikTok videos run for less than 60 seconds (It used to be 15 seconds). But TikTok videos can run for up to 3 minutes. That’s more than enough time to get creative with your videos. And you don’t even have to create new content from scratch—you can just repurpose your long-form content and turn them into amazing TikTok content.

5. A Variety of TikTok Ad Formats That Can Capture Attention

TikTok gives businesses the opportunity to advertise to a billion daily active users. TikTok allows businesses to run ads in various formats:

In-Feed Ads

This is the standard ad format in TikTok. Your video ads can be embedded so that it can auto-play on the “For You” of TikTok users. In-feed ads are clickable call-to-action (CTA) ads that you can use to drive traffic to your TikTok account, company website, promo landing page, or an external page.

Top-View Ads

This full-screen ad can run for up to 60 seconds long, which is great for longer TikTok videos. Top-view ads, as the name suggests, appear at the top of the “For You” upon launch off the TikTok app.

Brand Takeover

This short ad can run up to 5 seconds and it immediately shows up after the user opens the TikTok app. Brand takeover ads immediately get the attention of the user because they cover the TikTok real estate.

Hashtag Challenge

Challenges are extremely popular among TikTok users. It’s one the fastest ways to go viral. For example, music artists create a challenge where TikTok users can participate. To make it go viral, user-generated content has a specified hashtag. When people click on the hashtag, they are directed to all the user-generated videos that participated in the hashtag challenge. There's more engagement among TikTok users from diverse market segments.

Branded Lenses

Face filters and lenses are all part of the Branded lenses ad format. TikTok makes use of augmented reality and 3D to make the experience of using the app more immersive and engaging. As you probably can tell, it works like magic. People are not even aware that they are ads.

TikTok is still growing and gaining more traction. It’s still a relatively new platform that businesses should use as part of their marketing arsenal. Although it may appear that TikTok is only a fun source of mindless entertainment, it is a powerful tool that can bring your products in front of the very people you want to target.

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