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Can You Put Subtitles and Captions In Your YouTube Livestream?

We all know the benefits of adding subtitles to YouTube videos, vlogs, and streaming movies. Subtitles allow viewers who are hearing impaired to understand and enjoy the video. With translated subtitles, foreign speakers can watch the video content in their language or in a language that they can understand better.

Subtitles also help people who may not be able to make out what is being said in conversations with background noise. Adding subtitles also provides an alternate way for streaming live events like speeches, plays, and concerts that would otherwise not be accessible to people who can't attend in person.

What’s typically done is to add the subtitles during the video editing process. The video editor or the transcriber can put these subtitles in the editing stage. But for livestream, it’s difficult to put a subtitle in real-time.

What is a Livestream?

A livestream is a live video broadcast of individuals, groups, places, or events.

The term “livestream” was first used in the early1990s and it is now a common word for social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to use when an event or occasion is happening in real-time.

Some livestreams are announced before the event or it happens unannounced—e.g., when influencers go live on a whim. Livestreams can be anything from a live meeting, a talking head, or a concert with thousands of people in attendance.

Livestreaming is an internet broadcasting service that allows users to send live video content to the public. By using the software, you can transmit an event to people all over the world via social media. Livestreaming has become more popular in recent years as it provides a platform for people to share anything they want without cost. People use this to broadcast events like concerts and speeches.

Can You Add Subtitles In YouTube Livestream?

Livestreaming has become a popular form of content for social media. It is inexpensive, fast, and easy to produce. But what happens when you want to add subtitles to your YouTube livestream? Is it even possible?

Yes! YouTube has made updates to its captions and audio features which will be rolled out in the coming months. Using speech recognition technology, YouTube can automatically create captions for your videos.

YouTube creators have the option to enable live auto-captions for any live streams. This feature is now available to more YouTubers because YouTube removed the requirement of 1,000 subscribers for livestreaming.

How Many Languages Are Supported in YouTube’s Live Auto-Caption?

Live auto caption for live streams are available for English videos at this time, but it will be expanded to 13 supported captioning languages, including:

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Turkish

  • Vietnamese

Adding subtitles is one of the best ways to increase viewing times for your videos. With YouTube's new Live Streaming Auto Caption tool, you can create instantly create captions to your livestream video in real-time This will make it easier for viewers to watch your livestream without having to wait for the replay that’s edited with subtitles.


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