UMRITUN Transcription Services 2021

For the past several months, we have been silently gearing up for transcription projects. We’ve been upgrading our skills, updating our equipment, automating our processes, and training our members. It’s not easy but we are truly enjoying the journey thus far.

We have assembled a team that can rise to the challenges and we’re confident that we can deliver projects with our heads held high.

This means we have also expanded our Transcription Services.

Our General Transcription services remain our primary offering, but we have expanded to other industries. With more businesses needing assistance in audio-to-text conversion, we hope to rise to the occasion and offer the best transcription service to professionals from different fields.

Here are some of the transcription services we offer that cater to specific industries and professionals.

Transcription Service for Vloggers

If you are a vlogger on YouTube, you should be able to have a transcript of your video content. With a full transcript, the video can be accessible to viewers who are hard of hearing or deaf. This also allows you to repurpose the transcribed content on different social media platforms. This will greatly expand your audience reach.

Transcription Service for Podcast

Podcasting is huge! It would be a mistake not to capitalize on this platform. Many podcast listeners also want to read a transcript of the podcast so that they can go back to topics that they might have missed.

As a podcaster, you need transcripts that you can use to make content on your separate website. Some of your nuggets of wisdom can be shared on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in their condensed text format. This does not only increase viewership but also makes for a great SEO.

Transcription Service for Teachers and Lecturers

Now that classes are done online, most of the materials used are now digital. Teachers, lecturers, and educators are now recording their notes and lectures on audio or video files. Having a transcript of these files can greatly help in planning and organizing lessons. More than that, the lessons in written form can be shared easily with students online.

Transcription Service for Journalists

Journalists have always used transcription services to transcribe their interviews, recordings, and other audio materials. But journalists need this now more than ever because the speed of information is insanely fast that it’s hard for journalists to keep up. Transcription service can help journalist get the text version fast so they can distribute the news in a timely manner in all of their media channels and social media platforms.

Transcription Service for Life Coaches

Life coaches use videos to interact with their audiences. They can leverage the power of audio to text transcription so that they can convert their video content into other products like e-books, motivational soundbites, and other coaching tools in text format.

Transcription Service for Interviewers

Interviewers have a lot on their hand. They prepare to interview numerous celebrities and personalities and they record the interviews. These are hours of audio files that are waiting to be transcribed. Interviewers typically have to write articles about the interview. They just don’t have the time to transcribe anymore. If they use a transcription service, they can focus on writing their piece and distributing it to different platforms.

Transcription Service for Lawyers

Courts worldwide are now using digital recording systems to capture everything in court proceedings. These digital recordings are then sent to legal transcribers to create legal transcripts. Legal transcription covers legal proceedings, depositions, testimonies, spoken arguments, interrogations, legal briefs, and general legal correspondence. Legal transcripts require transcribers to be knowledgeable in legal terms and processes. Umritun has got that covered.

Transcription Service for Medical Professionals

Medical transcription has been around for decades but now medical audio and video recordings need to have their own digital records that can easily be saved and stored safely so that physicians and other authorized medical practitioners can access them quickly. This makes medical processes so much quicker rather than scouring through tons of medical files manually.

With their busy schedules, doctors, nurses, medical practitioners and other healthcare providers don’t have the time to transcribe their digitally recorded notes. Transcription service for medical professionals will help remove the added work so they can focus on diagnosing and treating patients.

These are just some of the transcription services that Umritun can provide. If your business is not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you.

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