UMRITUN: Better Days Ahead in 2021

Saying that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement.

Businesses—big or small—experienced extreme difficulties which led to indefinite shutdown, loss of income, and worst of all, business closures.

The impact of these unfortunate events extended to everyone. No one was spared from the after-effects of the pandemic.

Challenges and Silver Linings in 2020

Despite the uncertainties, we truly believe that something good can be found in every bad situation. While 2020 was a difficult year for Umritun, there was a glimmer of hope.

We found our silver lining amidst the struggle.

Our partnership with clients kept us going and allowed us to continue working on projects in 2020. This is something we are truly thankful for because it means we can continue our operations and keep the team intact.

During the leaner months of 2020, we worked on improving our work processes through automation and other innovative ways to maximize production output. This is an ongoing improvement to increase our speed and efficiency.

The quiet periods also allowed us to take a step back and evaluate our team structure. We wanted to surround ourselves with people whose vision and values align with those of the company’s.

So, we have established a core team of skilled and dedicated people whose work ethics help us create a friendly, collaborative, and dynamic work environment.

Towards the end of 2020, new opportunities came knocking at our door. With new projects secured, we have expanded our team of freelancers and independent contractors—from transcribers to translators to content creators to social media managers. We are extremely grateful to find people who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to their work.

Better Days Ahead…

We choose to look at the brighter side of things despite the enormous challenges ahead of us. Our business outlook remains positive even though there is considerable uncertainty surrounding us.

We’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to our clients for continuing to trust us with big and small projects. Their support helps us keep things moving in the right direction.

As we expand our service offerings and with more projects in the pipeline, we can ride with the rising tide of uncertainty. The more we grow as a company, the more we can give back to the community. We can provide more jobs to people who need them. We feel that this is a small but significant contribution to our community during these hard times.

Our Umritun family is growing rapidly and we couldn’t be happier with this turn of events. With the right people working alongside us, we’re confident that we can achieve even greater milestones as we navigate 2021.


Umritun Management

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