Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you have an online business, you know that things are changing and evolving constantly. Old strategies are being used in new ways. With a high level of commitment and efficiency, there is a great potential for profit for virtual assistants who work hard to be the best in what they do. If you are seriously contemplating a career as a virtual assistant, here are the most in-demand virtual assistant jobs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be as trendy and exciting as social media marketing but it's proven to work every single time. Email marketing specialists who have the right strategy and skills are highly sought after. Some email marketing services that you can provide are: Email template creation, newsletter creation and editing, opt-in form design, analytics, sales funnel implementation, and email scheduling, to name just a few.


A copy is the text of the ad. When you apply this to your online business needs, it could be sales pages, landing pages, emails, headings, social media updates, ad campaigns or blog posts, among others. Basically, everything promotional in nature should be effective and polished to turn the customers into purchasers. You must know how to create a Call To Action (CTA) to prompt the readers to buy your product or achieve your sales and marketing goal. Once you can do this and help customers earn more money, you can make more money.

WordPress Maintenance and Management

Creating a WordPress blog or website is easy, it's the management part that requires time. Businesses are hiring virtual assistants to maintain, manage, and update WordPress sites. Other tasks may include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site migration, analytics, comment management, and post scheduling.

Promotion Management

Promotion management is very important for the success of a company. In fact, promotions and discounts are a proven way to increase sales, but it can be challenging to track its success ratio. A good Virtual Assistant expert in this field can help you monitor the performance of past and current promotions to help you plan your future promotions.

Market research

Businesses follow market trends in order to keep up with the times and remain competitive. A Virtual Assistant who can do market research can help a company stay relevant.

These are just some of the most sought after jobs requiring the services of virtual assistants. VA packages are tailored to meet specific client needs.

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