Monetizing Your Social Media Followings

Everyone uses social media at some point during the day. There's an estimated 2.62 billion social media users and it will keep rising in the near future. With such number,

social media monetization is no longer a dubious idea that only huge brands can profit on. Actually, social media is consistently turning into an enormous commercial machine that is opening doors for all who are prepared to put some time and effort into it.

Reveal new products and services to your followers

Naturally, you must first have something to sell. By posting about new products or services on social media, you are giving your product a bigger exposure. You are able to reach a bigger audience.

In case you need to expand on that, begin running Facebook advertisements for your products utilizing lookalike audiences and custom audiences. This will enable you to focus on the most relevant people whose engagement with your social media post can convert into actual sales.

Video Marketing

Facebook and YouTube are great sources of traffic. Users can leverage this by earning as affiliate marketers or influencers that generate top quality content. So disregard leads for a minute and turn your focus on adapting social media and creating engaging video content.

Produce leads

Social networking is about making new connections, which in turn become business leads. Consequently, social media is one of the best tools for generating leads to which you can build your email marketing campaign upon.

Hypothetically, every one of the followers on social media could be considered as potential clients. It doesn't guarantee 100% conversion but the lead generation alone is an initial move toward sales conversion. When people get in touch with you, you need to endeavor to lead them right through the sales channel. In any case, social media is a great starting point to generate and accumulate leads.

Affiliate with brands

If you have a huge following, your business could be a brand magnet. This means brands would be willing to work with you to get access to your massive audience. They can do so by paying handsomely for ad space or partnership.

The thought behind this procedure is easy and simple: you make posts featuring the brands you are affiliating with and get a percentage for every sale from the posts.

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