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Insurance Transcription Services

Every year, insurance companies receive thousands of claims regarding injuries that were sustained in accidents. The majority of these claims are legitimate; however, there are some cases where the injury was fabricated for fraudulent reasons. Unfortunately, insurance companies must complete the expense of carrying out an investigation before deciding whether or not to pay a claim. Insurance investigations can cost thousands of dollars for medical examinations, getting hospital records, questioning witnesses, and even interviewing potential suspects.

What is Insurance Transcription?

Transcription for insurance is the process of listening to recordings on devices like smartphones and dictaphones, then typing out what was said. This can be time-consuming and tedious, but very important. Every word counts when it comes to an insurance claim, which is why you need accurate insurance transcription.

Types of insurance audio documents that are transcribed include the following:

  • Claimant Interviews

  • Investigation Notes

  • Recorded statements from different parties involved

  • Interviews of witnesses and victims

  • Recorded insurance reports on assets, casualty, claims, property, and holdings

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a rampant problem in today's society and can be incredibly hard to detect. One popular way insurance companies try to avoid fraud is by requiring their customers to provide a diagnosis and medical records when requesting reimbursement for a service.

When a person gets injured in a car accident, they may be required to submit a police report or medical records. If the patient doesn't have insurance, hospitals and doctors often file a claim with the patient's auto insurance company. In this case, it is up to the insurance company whether they want to pay for the claim. They may refuse payment or request that the patient provide more documentation. Sometimes, this process can take months before the claim is resolved

Insurance companies will oftentimes deny claims if they are not too clear on what the person is saying in their recordings. Transcription is a necessary skill for insurance professionals to have in the modern world. With so many types of contracts and plans, it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve said, and what the other party has heard. It isn't enough to just get 5 minutes on a voice recorder before making a major decision.

Insurance transcription is important because it can help your company avoid litigation that will cost more than whatever you saved from not paying for transcription services.

How Insurance Transcribers Work

Insurance transcriptionists’ duties can vary from company to company, but most transcriptionists work from a given script. They listen to audio recordings of meetings, phone calls, voicemails, interviews and other conversations and provide them as written text. Transcriptionists need to be accurate because the texts they create are used for other purposes like legal documentation or recording summaries of events.

Insurance transcriptionists transcribe voice recordings related to various insurance claims so that they can be analyzed for fraud.

Insurance transcription is the process of converting audio recordings of people speaking into written documents. This process is done by a freelancing transcriptionist who can be hired through job platforms or from reputable transcription companies.

Generally, the job requires some background knowledge in healthcare or law, although it is not always necessary. Transcribers are paid for each audio file that they complete and the pay rates vary depending on experience and skill level.

Insurance Transcription is Necessary for Documentation

The insurance transcription process has become crucial in documentation, as companies are seeing a rise in lawsuits.

Maintaining records is now more important than ever with the rise of lawsuits. One way to do this is by converting audio records into written text for processing purposes.

The role of insurance transcription services is not just to convert audio records into written text for the purpose of processing, but also to indirectly help uncover fraudulent claims.

If your company needs fast, accurate, and complete insurance transcription for recorded statements, interviews, investigation notes, and insurance reports, CONTACT US and we’ll handle all your insurance transcription needs.


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