Increase Productivity Through Transcription

The digital age has resulted in a huge exchange of information and companies have been able to capture the wave by video and audio transcription. You can convert audio to text in many ways, but for the perfect combination of quality and cost, transcription service is the best answer. Here are some of the ways transcription can make you more efficient.

Improve Turnaround Time

In areas where video or audio plays an important role, transcription can actually speed up the workflow of the video editor. Using a written document, the editors can mark the sections where you need to finish editing. Switching between the tasks is a major efficiency killer. With the benefit of the transcript, the editors can streamline the work process.

Enhance Content Value

Many companies use the services of a transcriptionist to facilitate access to video content. Search engines cannot watch the video or listen to the audio. If a video is copied or translated, Google bots are able to read the text and know exactly what it contains.


A transcription service allows you to pay for the work only when necessary, saving you money as the volume of transcription decreases.

Access to Experienced Transcriptionists

Utilizing a transcription service allows you to reach experienced professionals and hire them based on the criteria you've set out.

Shift in Focus

By outsourcing the work of dedicated transcriptionist, you and your staff are free to focus more on the core objectives of your business. It also gives employees more time and energy to develop other more important business skills.

Easy to Use Platforms

Online transcription services eliminate the complications of transcription order, creating a stress-free atmosphere for customers. Good services also have a support team to help you manage your account, understand prices and answer all your questions. Intuitive online interfaces allow you to evaluate the progress of your projects, payment information, and other potential problems.

Companies need to keep accurate records of their communications and often rely on different means to record useful information. Transcriptions provide a much more accurate account than one who simply writes notes.

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