It’s 2019, Why Are You Not Vlogging Yet?

You’re already making videos as part of your marketing campaign and you’re already blogging as part of your content strategy. So, here’s a crazy idea, why not start Vlogging?

“Don’t be silly, we’re not Logan Paul or PewDiePie. We’re a business.”


Being a business, you need a cost-effective way to create awareness about your brand. It can’t get any more cost-effective than just a camera, yourself, and your ideas.

Video blogging is not just for gamers, travel bloggers, coaches, and gurus. It’s for individuals and businesses that need a platform to promote their ideas, brands, products, and services and not lose their shirt doing it.

There’s something to be learned from YouTube stars and vloggers. They are not only raking in the money, but they are also reaching a wider audience. By wider we mean, a MASSIVE audience of around 1.8 billion. If you can only tap even a fraction of that, you’ll get exposure of epic proportions.

Not convinced?

Here are MORE reasons to get into the vlogging game.

Let’s put “love” into perspective. YouTube, where most videos live and die, has over 1.8 billion monthly users. That’s over 25% of the Earth’s population.

Let that sink in.

That roughly translates to about 6 billion watch hours on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of video watching.

Add to that the fact that the very same watchers also share the videos on different social media platforms, with Facebook leading the charge.

If your business wants instant exposure, vlogging is the way to go. Vlog it and people will come.

Vlogging Give Businesses a Human Face

A vlog enables your customers to put a face to the business. It makes your business more relatable and trustworthy. Seeing a human talk directly to the audience in a conversational manner helps in building a relationship with customers. It’s a way to connect with fans and customers loyal to the brand.

Videos are Good for SEO

Search engines want to give the most relevant results to users and if users want videos, videos they will give. More people are searching for videos on Google that’s why search results now include video content.

A vlog is the easiest way to churn out videos on a regular (and consistent) basis. So if you want some of that search engine ranking, get on the vlogging train.

Vlogs Can be Repurposed for More Content

Old vlogs don’t just die and fade into YouTube oblivion; they can actually be repurposed to give you more content.

How? By transcribing the audio content and posting it on your blog (this is where we come in!). Remember, even though video is life, there are still people who prefer to read than to watch.

The transcripts can be used so that people can read along as they watch the vlog. You can also extract tips, tricks, and hacks from the vlog and write a short blog post with a different angle. Put a new spin on your message and you get yourself new sources of content.

The Big Guns are Doing It

You know that something is good when the big companies are doing it. Corporate giants like Microsoft and Google are taking a page from the top vloggers in the realm of business. They see the value of putting themselves out there to connect with the audience in a more informal and laid-back fashion. It makes them relatable and reachable. They answer questions, discuss the state of the industry, give business advice, and address issues raised by their customers.

One could argue that vlogging is becoming oversaturated--maybe for those who vlog for the sake of vlogging. But if you vlog with a real purpose and use it is a means to an end, vlogging will always have a special place in content marketing.

If you need more convincing, hit us up at We’ll help you see the bright spot of vlogging.

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