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Why Hire a Transcription Company?

Outsourcing is a strategy used by companies largely to cut down on cost or to free up internal resources for other purposes. But that reasoning has evolved over the years and it’s no longer just a cost-cutting measure during hard times or recession. Companies nowadays outsource certain business functions to gain access to efficient and highly specialized service providers. This much is true in the transcription business.

Media companies, law firms, academic institutions and individuals turn to transcription companies that can deliver fast, accurate, and timely transcription service. Rates vary across companies, but price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a transcription company. Searching for one can be a daunting task but if you know the things to look for, you’ll be just fine.

So, what are these things that you should look for?


There are many transcription companies out there promising high-quality transcription, but whether they can deliver or not remains to be seen. A legitimate company’s reputation is much easier to check and verify. Asking recommendations from reputable sources will normally get you a list of transcription companies that are reliable and trustworthy. Oftentimes, credibility shines through via word-of-mouth.

Specialized Skills and Knowledge

Transcription companies are much more organized and structured compared to freelance transcriptionists. They provide various training programs to their staff. They also update the staff on the latest developments in the industry, so their skills and knowledge are upgraded.

Companies are more likely to have a pool of transcribers who have solid years of experience because they have the means to hire skilled staff with certification. Some would argue that anybody can transcribe any content. This is partly true, but the difference between a trained transcriber and an untrained one is worlds apart.

Flexibility / Customization / Willingness to negotiate

Transcription companies provide fixed rates, but they are more flexible than you think. They can offer customized service that matches your transcription requirements. This way, you don’t have to do separate editing or formatting. Everything is done according to your specifications. Companies are also willing to negotiate on rates, especially on bulk tasks.

Capability of Managing Bulk Task

Transcription companies have the capability to manage hours of audio or video files because they have the internal resources to process them. If one transcriber is unable to work, another one will step in. The workflow is not interrupted, and on-time delivery is secured.

Quality Transcription Work

In most cases, the quality of the work can only be evaluated after the delivery. Some companies do sample transcription, so you can easily assess the quality even before you order. This shows how confident the companies are in their capability to deliver high-quality transcription work.

You need to partner with transcription companies that have the above-mentioned capabilities to ensure that you are getting the quality transcription work that you require.

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